Host/Operator is a sound performance project that uses intuitive sound performance to address ideas of performative state; the mental and physical space we occupy when engaging with the creative process. To date Host/Operator have performed, recorded and released over 24 hours of audio material across 50 audio releases.


The performative state is singular moment that you inhabit when performing that is abstracted from time and void of contextual response of the current external stimulus. It involves living in the moment allowing us the freedom to act without hesitation and with the absence of intrusion. The performative state is a feedback loop of performance/response inside the same moment and action.


Society of Audio Chronologists
Llawn #5
9 2017
3 Day Roaming Audio Performance

Tempting Failure 2014
the Island, Bristol, UK
11 2014
4 hour durational performance.

Rabbit Bee Reunion
Gwern Gof Uchaf
Capel Curig, UK
07 2014

Open Studios
Grumpy Studios
Manchester, UK
02 2014

Sushi Show
Spike Island
Bristol, UK
05 2013

Space is the Place
Bristol Diving School
Bristol, UK
12 2012

Entre Chien et Loup
Grand Hotel zum Rothen Krebsen
Linz, Austria
11 2012

Bristol Diving School
Bristol, UK
09 2012

SLG and the TBMC
Bristol, UK
08 2012

Strange Angel
Bristol, UK
05 2012

The Dark. Outside.
The Galloway Forest
Scotland, UK
09 2014

Audiograft Jukebox
Audiograft 2013
Oxford, UK
02 2013

Video Sound Track
Artist: Monika Oescher 2014


Charles Gershom
Nationality - Welsh
Education - Graduated with Honours from the
University of the West of England with a
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Benjamin Buck (Reverend Tate)
Nationality - Canadian
Education - Graduated from the
University of the West of England
with a Bachelor of Fine Arts 

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